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Mozilla operates an instance of Stackato. It's like your own cloud instance (like EC2). You can deploy Python, Node, PHP, Java, PostgreSQL, MySQL, memcached, etc applications on IT supported hardware at no expense to you. More info at (requires Mozilla employment to access, sorry!).

If you're currently deploying something on paas throw it in this table so others can see your code, check out your app, and maybe ask you an occasional question to help them get their apps off the ground too.

App Link Owner Code Notes ekyle Static site amckay Node, Redis, Server Sent Events amckay Python, Flask, Memcache, HTTP API amckay Python, Django, MySQL amckay Node.js amckay Flask mattbasta Python, Flask, HTTP API mattbasta Python, Flask, Mongo mattbasta Node, express, git mattbasta Python, Flask, HTTP API mattbasta (private repo, ask for access) Node, node-irc mattbasta Node, express, node-irc dhenein
(& bwinton) Node, Angular, Mongo Kumar McMillan NodeJS gps Django, Postgres jgmize and Django Rest Framework, Playdoh, Postgres jgmize Django, Playdoh, MySQL nemo-yiannis Django, MySQL peterbe Flask
contributor-helper on giorgos Node myk Node freddyb static content wfwalker Node freddyb node  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
crowbot jdm node, IRC bot
Bugherder emorley / KWierso Static app