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Paladin is an initiative by the Mozilla community to create the best gaming technology available for the open web.

Paladin sits at the intersection of 3D gaming, JavaScript framework and library development, and the browser. We're tied into the bits of the web that are up-and-coming, and are working to weaponize them for gaming. Where the web is missing critical gaming support, we aim to fill those gaps by adding new browser APIs, enhancing existing ones, and building technologies on top of the web..


  • Push the Web and Firefox to become a more competitive platform for gaming on mobile and desktop.
  • Create great web gaming libraries and WebAPIs and build them into an easy-to-use 3D game engine, driven by the games and content we create as a community.
  • Attract the participation of a wide variety of stakeholders from around the gaming world, including (but not limited to!) 3D modellers, texture artists, sound designers, and game designers.

Why Paladin Matters To...

Browser Creators 

Paladin seeks to push the Web and Firefox to become a more competitive platform for gaming on mobile and desktop by creating and driving feedback loops across the community of game & engine developers as well as web platform engineers. We plan to push on key evolving web technologies (e.g. BrowserID, Open Web Apps, social communication & graph APIs).

Game Developers and Designers 

Paladin allows games to be deployed entirely in the browser, no plug-ins required. Multiple platforms and devices, including mobile tablets and phones, can be targeted with a single code base, and no compiling is required during development. For production releases, assets can be bundled with the game or fetched dynamically from the web at runtime.

  • Fast, agile development style much easier
  • Chance to work on and with the next great game engine, and have a hand in its design
  • Easily pull compelling web content into games
Web Developers 
  • Ability to leverage what you already know about the web, but put it to work in gaming
  • Folding in existing tech (e.g., your js libs or code) and spin-off new things (offshoots of things we make can become stand-alone).
Graphic and Sound Artists 
  • Wide use and distribution of their work
  • Highly collaborative work vs. doing it alone