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Partner Pages


Create a set of pages to serve the needs of three groups:

  • Current Partners
    • Give current partners an area for promotion of their product
  • Future Partners
    • Present information about partnerships and how to get involved with Mozilla
  • Consumers
    • Give consumers an area to find out about and to download partner products.


  • Margaret Tallman (BD)
  • Kev Needham (BD)
  • Laura Mesa (Marketing)
  • Les Orchard (WebDev)
  • Krupa Raj (QA)
  • Stephen Donner (QA)
  • Matthew Zeier (IT)
  • Stephanie Bankhead (Creative)


  • April 1, PSD Handoff
  • April 6, Project Kickoff
  • June 30, Page goes Live


  • Page 1 Home Page (mock)
    • Rotating Ad on bottom right of page. Equal rotation with other three ads. **Click on Ad, take you to Partners Home Page
  • Page 2 Partners Home Page (mock)
    • Expandable Table of Contents
      • "Title" is a link
      • Each Title has a blurb and another link to the related page.
    • "And don't miss" Graphics are clickable, as are the "View full list of Partners".
  • Page 3 "Partner Products" // (mock)
    • Partner Showcase displays three images per page. There are nine pages to click through. Top picture for "major" partners, lower pictures for "minor" partners".
    • Search box in top right corner
    • And dont miss" Graphics are clickable, as are the "View full list of Partners".
  • Page 4 "Policies Page" // (mock)
    • Static Page with two links.
  • Page 5 Partner List Page // (mock)
    • Partners listed alphabetically left to right. Not all Partners have "products". Those that do, have a link below. See Open Issues.
  • Page 6 Testimonials Page // (mock)
    • Top Quotes are static and form fitting.
    • Text is static, Blue Titles for highlighting only.

Open Issues

  • Testimonial Page--Partner logo Usage
  • Testimonial Page--Which testimonials for top of page?
  • Partner Products--where are they hosted? How do we maintain them?
  • Partner List-which have products, which do not?