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Mozilla Partner Repack System

Project Background:

Project Goals:

Main contact: Kev Needham
Q/A contact: Tomcat (Carsten Book)

RelEng Contact: Chris Cooper
WebDev contact: TBD

Project Bugs:

  • TBD

Development Calendar

Main Store:

  • Mock-up and Content Structure [approved]
  • [10/17] Design files and Feedback hand-off [in progress]
    • First mockups and files sent
    • First batch of copy, sent
  • [11/07] Webdev to finish building the site.
  • [11/14] Q/A to be complete

Zazzle Store:

Project Breakdown


  • Sign contract [done]
  • Finalize click agreement with cbrady [done]


  • Contact designers from contest pool to seed the store. [done]
    • Resulting in 50+ designs/products
  • Identify other design sources [done]
    • re-purposing designs from internal projects and campaigns such as, Robot, etc such as those from
    • Customizable "name" shirts. Perhaps a way for community members to say how they are involved with the project. "I'm ____ and I work on ____". These serve as templates which can be filled in and customized by anyone.
  • Product line:
    • All T-shirt styles between women, men, and kids. Offering 400+ varieties.
    • Product placement and Store maintenance will be covered primarily by Zazzle team.
    • Product templates sent to Zazzle
    • Possibly including other merch categories in the future.


  • Zazzle Store:
    • Currently hidden
    • Will feature a limited number of products which will help increase visibility and sales within the established Zazzle community.
  • Main gallery hosted by us:
  • Design:
    • Color palette and style echoing / Mozilla Store
    • Site / page layouts [done]
    • Main header banner [done - tbd]
  • Pages elements:
    • Landing page / Gallery view. Customizable with category filters
    • Design Guidelines
    • Upload tool
    • Thank you / confirmation page
    • FAQ
    • About the Store
    • Tag Cloud / Tag Search
  • Copy:
  • Homepage [to be designed]
  • Gallery [drafted]
  • Design Preview page [to be designed]
  • About page [drafted]
  • FAQ [drafted]
  • Design guidelines and steps [drafted]
  • Upload tool [drafted]
  • Thank you page [drafted]


  • Bug File for domain name: [done]
  • Q/A [pending assignment]


  • Identify input fields [done]
    • Email (required)
    • Fname / Lname (search tag unless chosen to be anonymous)
    • Web portfolio / blog (for reference, no published due to security)
    • File (required) Auto detect very low res files.
    • Design name and/or tags (searchable)
    • Background display color (required)
      • JPG files will default to a white background. OK for printing.
      • PNG files need a background color
    • Upload preview
    • Term of Agreement
    • Privacy click option
  • Admin Interface
    • Place all designs in queue via spreadsheet view
    • Allow for batch updates:
      • batch delete, approve, tag, theme, etc.

  • Build actual tool with webdev [pending]
    • First mockups reviewed, feedback provided


  • Main landing page is
  • Users can browse gallery by:
    • Featured products, recent, popular, category themes, all, or keyword search.
  • Users can create their own design, we have guidelines to help them
  • They can upload a design. Once uploaded the confirmation page gives two options:
    • Head back to the gallery
    • Head over to zazzle to customize, create and buy right now via API.
  • All designs are reviewed (by Zazzle or Mozilla) for brand / style guidelines