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To use the repack script, you'll need a few things. They are:

  • a Mac with OSX. Part of the repack process involves creating DMGs, and unfortunately hdiutil is OSX-only. There are alternative methods to creating DMGs, but any we've found so far have been sub-optimal. If hdiutil isn't installed on your Mac, you'll need to grab Apple's Xcode.
  • [ python 2.7.5] (needed for the subprocess module). It either needs to be the default python used on said mac, or you can run the script using "python ..."
  • pkg-dmg must be in PATH. This tool can be found here.
  • 7-zip (specifically 7za) must be in PATH. Can install this via port, brew or via dmg (p7zip). Using brew you can brew install p7zip
  • wget must be in PATH. Again, install via port or whatever. Using brew, brew install wget
  • upx must be in the PATH. Using brew, brew install upx

Building a local repack

cd partner-repacks/scripts
export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/tools/lib/python -v $VERSION -n $BUILD -d ../partners -p $PARTNERNAME \
                   --dmg-extract-script `pwd`/tools/release/common/ \
                   --pkg-dmg ~/moz/fx-team/build/package/mac_osx/pkg-dmg

Example builds

Building a current release: -v 33.0 -n 1 -d ../partners -p $PARTNERNAME \
                   --dmg-extract-script `pwd`/tools/release/common/ \
                   --pkg-dmg ~/moz/fx-team/build/package/mac_osx/pkg-dmg

Building a beta release: -v 34.0b6 -n 1 -d ../partners -p $PARTNERNAME \
                   --dmg-extract-script `pwd`/tools/release/common/ \
                   --pkg-dmg ~/moz/fx-team/build/package/mac_osx/pkg-dmg \
                   --repo releases/mozilla-beta

Build output

Your new builds will appear at partner-repacks/scripts/repacked_builds/34.0b6/build1/unsigned/partner-repacks/$PARTNERNAME/


If you have the wrong level of python, you'll see this error:

 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./", line 10, in <module>
     from util.retry import retry
 ImportError: No module named util.retry

Grab the latest python from