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Distribution Customization Guidelines
Version 0.9

For a copy of the current guidelines for review, please send email to bizdev at

Purpose Summary

Document and distribute consistent guidelines for partner Distribution Deals that reflect:

  1. Scope of allowable customizations that are within the brand requirements of the Firefox product
  2. Rules and procedures for change requests that are outside the scope of this document


For browser customizations, there are a series of over-arching guidelines that we apply. The name “Firefox” not only identifies our product for users, but represents what’s important to Mozilla in terms of what the product should be to our users. For that reason, we try to apply the following to any version of Firefox that is publicly distributed, by Mozilla or by a partner:

  • No removal or limitation of any default browser functionality (e.g. crippling or limiting functionality available to the user)
  • No removal of the default bookmarks, search plug-ins, or other content included with our default release(s).
  • User preferences will never be modified without notice.
  • All customized distributions are built using our default releases. No modifications to the binaries are permitted.
  • No modification to the security features or their default configurations (e.g. root CAs, SafeBrowsing config, popup and application white-listing, etc.)
  • Distribution partners are required to fully disclose any information collected as part of their privacy policy, including instrumentation and/or click redirection.

It’s important to note that this document is used as a guideline. It’s understood that exceptions to some of the guidelines within will be requested, and we will always take the time to evaluate and discuss those requests. This will be a living document, and will be adjusted over time to adjust for changing environments, regional differences, and other reasons that make sense. This document is a draft for discussion, and any questions regarding the content within should be directed to the Business Affairs team at, or in the Mozilla Intranet Forum.

Branding Guidelines

Business rules on naming conventions, usage of trademarks and logos and promotional activities.

  • The customized distribution must never be referred to as “Mozilla Firefox”. Naming of the distribution would follow the then-current naming convention, which clearly identifies it as a modified build based on a branded release of Mozilla Firefox (e.g. “Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar”, “Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu”, etc.)
  • Partners may use the Mozilla Firefox logo and wordmarks in association with the promotion of their build, provided that such use is reviewed and approved in writing by Mozilla Corp.
  • Each use of Mozilla Trademarks by Distributor would be in accordance with the current Mozilla Trademark Policy and Visual Identity Guidelines.
  • Any promotional activities that make use of Mozilla Trademarks (i.e. press releases, marketing programs, etc.) are subject to review and approval by Mozilla Corp.