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This distribution is used by Google in distributing Mozilla Firefox w/Google Toolbar.


System Requirements

  • Platorms: Win32
  • Locales: ar cs da de el en-GB en-US es-AR es-ES fi fr he hu it ja ko nb-NO nl pl pt-BR pt-PT ru sv-SE tr zh-CN zh-TW


No modifications from the default.

Bookmark Toolbar

  • Firefox Defaults

Bookmark Menu

  • Firefox Defaults

Search Plug-in

  • The RLS code for all search queries from the search bar must be "". This is set using a value of "" for the "" localized preference.

Location Bar Search

Home page

Home page

This distribution uses a customized start page - to change the RLS code to - of:"

This start page is defined using the "browser.startup.homepage" and "browser.startup.homepage_reset=" localized preferences.

First-run page

This distribution uses a customized first-run page of:

This first-run page is defined using the localized "startup.homepage_welcome_url" preference.

Additional Extensions or themes?

  • No additional extensions (note: Google Toolbar is added separately)

Distribution Information

The following distribution identifiers will be used for the Mozilla Firefox wth eBay Companion. These identifiers are visible by selecting "About Firefox" from the "Help" menu on Windows and Linux, and the "Firefox" menu on Mac. This information is set in the "Global" section of the distribution.ini file.

Distribution ID: google-cjk
Distribution Version: 1.1
Distribution Description: Firefox for Google Pack/Referral

AUS, Updates & Upgrades

Customized distributions use a separate AUS channel to facilitate updates of custom content. For updates that do not affect customized settings, Firefox update (AUS2) has been configured so that when a request comes that starts with a channel named "release-cck-*", it will fallback and use the bits for channel name "release", which is the same as the default release. In normal cases partner updates will use this mechanism.

For this distribution, the AUS channel name is:


This channel name is set using the a value of "google" in the "" preference.


# Partner Distribution Configuration File
# Google Pack/Referral

about=Firefox for Google Pack/Referral



Version History

Firefox 3

Firefox distribution.ini Bug Test results Status
3.0.9 1.0 bug 489234 PASS released
3.0.10 1.0 bug 490222 PASS released
3.0.11 1.0 bug 498060 PASS with Kev
3.5.2 1.1 bug 507612 In Progress with QA