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Use cases:

  • It is useful when you are working with a contributor on Matrix and there is a need to send each other commands, logs, or program output.
  • It is really useful for sharing code where you may need to collaborate with others, but do not want to share the code permanently - for example when troubleshooting in IRC/Matrix, knowing that you can share things that can be deleted in Nth period of time.
  • Running our own instance in Mozilla gives us moderation tools that we don't generally get with free offerings elsewhere.
  • Add-on reviewers use Mozilla's Pastebin to share console logs with developers on their code builds.
  • It is built into the build system (mach pastebin) so it is super easy for devs to reach for.

A list of alternatives in bug 1480438 including:

Public-facing, authentication required:

Public-facing, unauthenticated:

Public-facing, unauthenticated, unsupported:

Authenticated Mozillians can choose:

  • gdocs/gdrive
  • the Mana collaborative editor (coming soon)

Other, less practical suggestions have included:

  • Postcards
  • Bathroom walls
  • Various proposals involving the phrase "beware of the leopard"