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Firefox OS Development

Project manager: Lawrence Mandel

How to get involved

There are a number of areas in which your involvement can be useful:

  • build/repo - releng is your first stop to better understand the issues, work in progress, and how you can contribute
  • schedules - release management can help explain the current set of issues and proposals

What we heard

  1. The project is very complicated and it is therefore difficult to get started.
  2. There are many barriers to community engagement.
  3. Schedules / deadlines don't make sense.
  4. Development hurts.
    1. Repo pulls take too long.
    2. Builds take too long.
    3. Outdated docs / frequently changing recommended 'right way' of doing things.
    4. I can't fix bugs for hardware that I don't have.

Shorter term actions

These are things we expect to accomplish in 2014.

  • 2, 4.3, 4.4: Flame reference device should address some of these two concerns

Longer term changes / shifts

These are things we expect will take time, influence, and repetition to shift.

  • 3: The Firefox OS team continues to work to come up with a schedule that makes sense for Mozilla and our arrangements with multiple partners

Responses in this category

  • Too many variations of Firefox OS; different devices, Gonk types (proprietary drivers), Gaia branches, Gecko versions, desktopb2g/Devices, nightly builds too many combinations for our small team and too many barriers to engage community. 27 votes
  • FirefoxOS development hurts. There is a massive barrier to entry, the Right Way seems to change every few months (rendering most documentation broken), and even successful builds take a very long time. 22 votes
  • The expectation that I fix bugs on hardware I don't have. 17 votes
  • Having to deal with completely nonsensical B2G deadlines from partners. 1 vote.
  • Building firefox is slow. 10 votes