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Project manager: Amie Tyrrel

How to get involved

What we heard

Shorter term actions

These are things we expect to accomplish in 2014.

Longer term changes / shifts

These are things we expect will take time, influence, and repetition to shift.

Responses in this category

  • Changing how the comp cycle works every time we go through it and always doing it late. 14 votes
  • Onboarding as a remote worker was very difficult and slow. After the initial onboarding website (which was great) it felt like there was a complete void of info or help. 11 votes
  • Legal team take too long to respond to requests for assistance. 10 votes
  • Long and involved process for organizing work weeks (6 week lead time, etc). 9 votes
  • Changes in policies that worked like travel, where booking on egencia was so much easier for the traveler. 9 votes
  • Egencia. I can find better rates & options myself. 8 votes
  • Continuous problems & long delays around recruiting & contracts. 8 votes
  • The purchase process. 4 votes
  • No team space I can reserve for long periods of time (a few weeks, a month). 1 vote
  • New project form for Legal services. It's WAY better than the old process, but I still need to copy all files to all bugs & keep track of way too many things at one time 0 votes