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Standard Tools are Subpar

Project manager: Sean Rich

How to get involved

What we heard

Shorter term actions

These are things we expect to accomplish in 2014.

Longer term changes / shifts

These are things we expect will take time, influence, and repetition to shift.

Responses in this category

  • Lack of a good email client which enables me to keep up with my email. 32 votes
  • Lack of a good search engine for external and internal mailing-lists with stable URIs. 20 votes
  • Key comms tools (wiki, Etherpad, discussion forums) don't seem to get much or any MoCo IT maintenance bandwidth. 14 votes
  • Lack of a unified search engine for all Mozilla properties with two levels of access: team and team+public (which should remove issues for people not finding information). 11 votes
  • Office wifi often has issues. 9 votes
  • Lack of access to hardware/software/tools necessary to contribute to projects. 3 votes
  • I need 3 different "wiki" syntaxes every day—MediaWiki, markdown for GitHub, & reStructuredText. Thinking about syntax kicks the real subject out of my brain. (In 1984, we had command-B for Bold. Let's have that + command-K for Link.) 3 votes
  • Poor network quality in the offices. 1 vote.
  • People writing email like it is a web page and Zimbra messing with it (I have a bug open for that). 0 votes
    • Poor Vidyo support for Linux (even in Vidyo 3). 42 votes
    • Every meeting starting with 10 minutes of getting Vidyo to work for all participants. 15 votes
    • Lack of a decent tele-conference solution, non flash based, for low bandwidths. 23 votes
    • Audio level problems and lag to the point of unintelligibility on Vidyo and Air Mozilla. I often have to try Skype, then phone, then finally fall back to IRC. (Thank goodness for those excellent Moco meeting notes!). 4 votes