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  • New DB schema
    • InnoDB
  • Add triggers to recalculate averages - bug 456530
  • Add stored procedure to remove old data - bug 456532
  • Add memcached or sqlite for frequently accessed data
    • Depends on how slow the new db is
  • Send less data for continuous graphs - bug 456534


  • Add more search criteria - bug 456536
  • Show machine info per test
  • Don't show tests for discrete data
  • Don't iterate over datasets
  • Don't parse test info for test information

Random Ideas

  • bulk and collect.cgi are the same except bulk can handle multiple data points. They should be combined. - bug 456529
  • Need to connect data points on continuous graph to discrete - bug 438745
  • Need overlay of points on continuous graph that shows buildid and changeset id - bug 431372
  • Too much data to query averages and look for regression
  • Don't want developers to know machine names
  • Dashboard that shows 3 os's and color for status - bug 456567
  • Need a way to show/test health of build and health of tests
  • Need to test for machine agreement (3 machines run same test, if 1 is way off, that machine is mostly likely broken). - bug 457780
  • Need to remove tests for unmonitored branches/builds. - bug 457782
  • Waterfall doesn't show test results, just that tests ran, which is not a good indicator of build health.
  • Need to stop using machine names for test/build/os
  • Win & linux throttled, mac not. This makes comparing Win & Linux to Mac useless.
  • Need to figure out what tests we really need
  • Terminology is confusing
  • Date and time have differences depending on type of graph
  • Running Talos on a dev machine, you can't graph anything or get useable numbers