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This page contains helpful resources relating to the performance of our Android apps.


Android App Configurations

The Android apps are configured independently and so have different performance characteristics.

GeckoView is configured at initialization via GeckoRunTimeSettings

In addition GeckoSessionSettings can be modified to change the behaviour of individual browsing sessions.

App Remote Debugging Content Blocking GeckoView is instantiated Runtime settings configured here
geckoview_example Enabled by default Disabled: all tracking categories App launch
reference-browser Disabled (can be enabled via UI) Enabled: all tracking categories App launch
Focus/Klar Not available. Enabled: Ad trackers, analytics trackers, social trackers (UI to modify and add others) First search

Performance Measurements

  • Running the apps with Remote Debugging enabled can seriously degrade performance
  • Swipe killing the apps will not kill the Gecko processes. Used adb force-stop, e.g. adb shell am force-stop