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The following documents a testing sprint for the preliminary testing work needed for the Project Snappy project.


  • Anthony Hughes (irc: ashughes) - Sprint Lead

Phase 1: UI Interactions

STATUS - PLANNING (2011-12-06)

Test the following interactions and record the times.

The following is a list of things to test:

  • Start up from click to launch to a usable browser
  • Opening a new window/tab
  • Closing a window/tab
  • Closing the browser to no more running processes
  • Firefox menu sub-menu pop-out
  • Opening windows and items from the Firefox menu sub-menus
  • Hovering, depressing, and restoring Toolbar buttons
  • Pop-out, resizing, and roll-up of Awesomebar
  • Pop-out and close of the Site Identity notification
  • Back, Forward, Reload, Open: title, URL, and page load times
  • Tab progress indicator
  • New tab open and close animation
  • Tab dragging animation
  • Panorama interactions: show/hide, resizing groups, rearranging tabs, switching groups
  • Status bar show/hide
  • Add-on bar show/hide
  • Sidebars show/hide: bookmarks, history
  • Notifications show/hide: bookmarks, passwords, geolocation, downloads, add-ons, permissions
  • Search Bar: autocomplete popup, suggestions popup, focus
  • App tabs: pin and unpin animation
  • Find Bar: show/hide animation, find in page, highlight
  • Scrolling: smooth scroll vs regular scroll

NOTE: We are only looking for interactions where there is obvious slowdown. If there is no preceptable lag just write "instant". If there is perceptable lag write the estimated time in seconds. If there was a hang or crash please write "hang" or "crash".

Phase 2: Telemetry Bugs


File bugs to get telemetry on every one of the above UI interactions