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  • More than 8 previously used Personas in Themes menu
  • Use themes with Personas
  • More distinction with for active tab
  • RTL support
  • Automatic resizing of images
  • Ability to change font color
  • Refactor Personas to handle setting multiple background images on the #main-window. Here are the benefits:
    • Easier to build a Persona
    • Instantly solves all "right alignment" issues
    • Allows for a piece of what a dynamic personas implementation would include
    • Allows personas creators more options in image placement
  • Search for persona authors on AMO


  • Follow designers
  • Live preview before upload
  • Contact designers
  • Larger file sizes allowed
  • 'Private' personas
  • Filtering
  • Install a persona without having to go to detail page
  • Favorite a persona without having to go to detail page
  • Make author name clickable on AMO

Submission Process

  • Show guidelines