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  • Review of mockups
    • Promote add-on
    • Flagged may not be a good idea, authors may not understand. Leave as pending.
    • Meet the developer for persona detail view page, how will it be different for personas
    • Must link to Creative Commons in upload flow
    • Live preview could crop and scale, show file name
    • Intermediate step, close down account creation.
    • Dashboard: past 7 days
    • Persona reviewers are separate group
    • Change flag for legal to flag for admin review
    • Duplicate field needs some work
    • Request more info should disable other buttons
    • Add email address next to username
    • Reload page after advanced review is over
    • Change ownership flow
    • Personas on developer hub
  • Technical requirements overview
  • Schedule planning
  • Questions/open discussion

Personas vs. themes. Differentiation between the two.