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Places BOF, Q2 All Hands 2009

Meet-up of Places developers and consumers.

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm, Tuesday April 28th


Add topic ideas here:

  • performance
    • schema changes
    • async opencontainer
    • more temp-table-izing
    • testing
  • improving the query system: richness and ease of use
  • improving the result system: code simplicity, ease of use
  • weave needs
  • taskfox needs
  • fennec needs
  • prototyping for [ddahl]
  • determining what parts of the system we can remove or simplify - de-architecting, if you will [beltzner]
  • results of places stats -> optimization/deopt ? [mardak]
    • other stats (automatic history clearing?) -> labs testpilot ? [mardak]