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Awesomebar ++

Features for the awesomebar in Firefox 3.1. The tracker bug for these is bug 455561.


Provide the user with methods of excluding specific results or subsets of history and bookmarks from showing up in the awesomebar.

UPDATE: The use-cases for these are overly narrow, and those don't fully address the high-demand use-case such as gift and porn. These are no longer targeting 3.1, and have been marked WONTFIX.

Design needs:

  • UI for folder properties pane
  • Ideas for discoverability of the "private" tag?

Implementation notes:

  • Design ETA: N/A
  • Can make B2: N/A

Tab Search

Show matching open tabs in the awesomebar


  • need icon for indicating an awesomebar result matches a tab
  • should we have a "restrict search to only tabs" option, and which character to use?

Implementation notes:

Viewing results in content

Generate a content page of search results based on awesomebar search (ie: if there are more results than can be shown in the awesomebar, generate a page in content area showing them all with thumbnails).

More from Alex:

The idea here is to match on tag names and when you navigate on a tag name we generate a page with the titles and URLs of all pages that have that tag. These items would exist in the results of the awesome bar just like all the other results, they would build up frecency just like other pages that the user navigates on. The idea is to initiate a browse operation with a search operations.

Additionally we might want to have a "view all results" at the bottom of the results in the awesome bar that would generate a page, but perhaps only if there is a large number of results. I'm not sure how useful this wold be without leveraging full text search. Normally people continue to enter information in the awesome bar or tweak what they have already typed to find a particular page, they are doing search operations instead of a browse operation, so I'm not sure if this feature is actually all that useful.


  • need mockup or description

Implementation notes: