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Places UI Implementation Plan for Firefox 3


View all Places UI bugs.

PRD Tracking bugs:




Smart folders

  • bug 317847 - backend and basic front-end (fixed)

Statistics (bug 385831)

  • storage
  • queryability
  • eg: searches like "most used tags" will require query functionality beyond the current query options

Add/Edit Bookmark UI

Mockup and interation notes:

Implementation Bugs:

Bookmarks Menu

Mockup and interaction notes:

  • XXX

Implementation bugs:

  • bug 387996 - add a "Places" folder to the bookmarks menu, populated with smart folders
  • XXX - change "Organize Bookmarks" to "Show All"

Bookmarks Toolbar

Mockup and interaction notes:

  • XXX

Implementation bugs:

  • bug 387734 Add a "Places" folder, populated with smart folders

History Sidebar

Mockup and interaction notes:

Implementation bugs:

  • bug 387730 - improve view options in the history sidebar

Bookmarks Sidebar

Mockup and interaction notes:

Implementation bugs:

  • bug 387722 - add search options to the bookmarks sidebar


Mockups and interaction notes:

Implementation bugs:

  • menus and search
    • bug 387740 - move the toolbar items in the organizer to an "Organize" menu in the search bar
    • bug 387742 - add a "Views" menu to the search bar in the organizer
    • bug 384239 - the organizer search box is too tall
    • bug 387744 - show the search builder and search results in the organizer center pane when the user starts typing
  • navigation pane
  • bug 387746 - add the "finder" pane above the folder tree in the organizer
    • XXX - add "all bookmarks"
    • XXX - add "tags"
    • XXX - add "downloads"
    • XXX - add "history"
  • content pane
    • bug 387747 - add a star column to bookmarked items in the organizer center pane
    • bug 387748 - add a tag column in the organizer center pane, for tagged items
    • bug 387749 - add an item detail pane to the right side of the organizer
    • can edit item properties
    • bug 387750 - show a thumbnail of the bookmarked page in the item detail pane in the organizer
    • bug 387751 - add a thumbnail view in the organizer content pane

Location Bar

Mockup and interaction notes:

Implementation bugs:

Major Behavioral and UI Differences from Fx2

Open Questions

menu vs toolbar

  • what's the use-case for saving a bookmark in the menu vs the toolbar. might be different views on the same data? what's the use-case for having something visible in UI vs not visible? quick-click access, for mouse-oriented users?
  • should the toolbar and menu be the same folder?

what are starred items, and where to put them?

  • maybe they're unfiled bookmarks
  • "all bookmarks" in the organizer shows starred bookmarks, and subfolders
    • ew, you have your starred mixed w/ your folders. how to show "just starred"? is that desirable? it is in gmail and greader.
  • alex: starred items go in the bookmarks root, unfiled
  • unfiled shouldn't show up in the menu though. if the main reason for breaking the menu out of the root is so that it doesn't show unfiled (ie: starred) bookmarks, then maybe an "all starred" subfolder would be a better solution
  • problem: if you star something, and then later file, it won't show up under "starred" anywhere.

what does unstarring do?

  • nonstar sometimes is a history entry (eg: urlbar dropdown)
  • unstarring in the organizer could bring up a delete prompt

where should canned searches (smart folders) be exposed?

  • add the canned searches to toolbar, menu, and root? mockups show them in the toolbar and in the organizer finder pane.