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With regard to UI, our initial goal for Places is to implement the legacy bookmarks & history UI on top of the Places back-end. However, some improvements and changes over the legacy UI have been done, this page will be used to track those.


Context menu

  • The context menu for multiple items selection no longer has the Open, Open in New Window and Open in New Tab menu-items. These were partially broken in the legacy UI (and with undefined behavior)
  • The replacement is the Open All in Tabs menu-item which now also supports multiple URL items selection. Unlike its behavior for folders, when Open All in Tabs is called for multiple URL item selection it always appends the new tabs.
  • On OS X, the label of the Properties menu-item has been changed to "Get Info" (bug 381485).


History Sidebar

From bug 369407:

  • The Collapse/Expand menu-item for containers has been removed.
  • The "Copy Link Location" menu-item has been replaced by the generic "Copy" item . The new command also copies the node title (this improves the case of pasting into another places view, like the bookmarks toolbar).
  • Context menu for multiple items selection is supported.

History Menu

  • Bug 370135 - Current Session History is exposed instead of global history.

Bookmarks Sidebar

Bookmarks Manager

  • The Last Visited column has been renamed to Visit Date for some reason (bug 381519?).
  • There is an optional Visit Count column.
  • The Name column has been renamed to Title.
  • The left pane has context menu functionality.
  • All commands are disabled when the search field is focused. This is an improvement over the legacy UI in which the toolbar buttons are not functional but still enabled.
  • pressing ESC when search results are shown goes back to folder-results view.