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Session Title

Places in Firefox 3

Session Leader

Dietrich, Sspitzer, Thunder


Discussing the current state of, and future plans for Places. How can we make bookmarks and history more useful and easier to use? How can we add new features like tagging, without scaring grandma? Let's come up with the short-list for Firefox 3.


  • Places today
  • Bettering bookmarks and history
  • Tagging: in the core? or just provide the tools?
  • Easing sync and integration

Interested Attendees

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts

  • Myk
  • Basil
  • Dria
  • Jay Goldman (Radiant Core)
  • Michael Glenn (Radiant Core)
  • Sheppy
  • Sherman
  • biesi
  • Dave Townsend
  • Ian Hayward (Glaxstar)
  • ispiked
  • Axel Hecht
  • Alex Faaborg
  • Tracy Walker
  • Ryan Flint
  • Ken Saunders
  • Gavin
  • shaver
  • Peter van der Woude
  • Nick Thomas
  • Steve England
  • beltzner
  • Steven Garrity (if schedule allows)
  • Marcio Galli
  • robcee
  • Juan Becerra
  • Jay Patel


Notes taken from this summit meeting