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Everything you ever wanted to know about Planet Mozilla, and then some. (Sort of. Mostly.)

Planet Mozilla is a long-standing and incredibly valuable resource for the Mozilla Community. As our community has grown and number of projects increased, we're finally having to write down some of our previously-unwritten-but-generally-understood policies. These are they.

Being added to Planet Mozilla

If you would like your blog syndicated on Planet Mozilla, please file a bug requesting that we do so. The bug needs to include three things:

  1. Your blog's URL and the URL for the feed you want included
  2. A short bio that we can use to announce your addition on the Planet Mozilla weblog
  3. Meet the approval requirements below

Please note that we are no longer approving requests to add group blogs (ie: other Planets). Existing aggregate blogs will be grandfathered in until such a time that this proves problematic.


You must have some demonstrated involvement with the Mozilla project or community in order to be included on Planet Mozilla. This will be confirmed by the Planet team, and at least two Planet team members must approve new inclusions. Module owner approval is not required.

The Planet team will no longer accept team, group, project, product blogs. Planet is a community of people, not products, services, and bits. Each blog must be the work of an individual community member. They are obviously free to blog about what they are working on, but we want to keep planet for the people. Rare exceptions will be made by the Planet team (Mozilla Blog, Planet blog for example). We expect exceptions to be extremely rare.

If there are any questions that need to be answered prior to approval, they will be posted in the bug -- please remember to check your bug sporadically until it is closed and resolved.

Requesting feed changes

If you move your blog or the feed URL changes for whatever reason, you can request that be updated on Planet without a second round of approvals. You simply need to file a bug requesting the change.

Being removed from Planet Mozilla

There are a number of reasons that a feed will be removed from Planet Mozilla:

  1. The person who owns the feed files a bug to request its removal. Please note that unless there are clearly unusual circumstances no one else can request a blog be removed. Any requests for removal must come from or be confirmed by the blog owner.
  2. The Planet team reserves the right to remove blogs (temporarily or permanently) for various reasons (spam, illegal activities, etc.) This almost never happens, and if it does it's usually resolved very quickly.
  3. Blogs can be pulled from Planet for poor availability (generally over a week of being unavailable). The blog owner will be notified by a bug being filed, email, IRC, IM, or other communication means identifying the feed so that they can either fix their issue and be re-included or choose to be removed from Planet permanently. When removing a blog if a bug isn't filed, a commit message will indicate the action taken (notified on IRC, Twitter, etc.).

Having a blog post removed from Planet

Individual posts can be removed from Planet if absolutely necessary, such as in rare instances when something private has been accidentally posted. The original poster must file a bug to request the removal, and it will only be removed if the original post has also been removed from the source blog.

Planet Mozilla Team

  • Module owner:
    • Robert Accettura ("raccettura",
  • Peers:
    • Reed Loden ("reed",
    • Mike Hoye ("mhoye",

(please use to contact the entire team)

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