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Audio Recording of this Meeting

Meeting Agenda/Notes for First Goal Planning Session: Apr 6, 2007

  • Discuss the the overall process for these goals.
  • Record and discuss the goals for each functional group below.
  • Call for updates/changes.
  • Schedule additional sessions as needed.

Please update the goals for each functional group for the months 4, 5, 6 of 2007:

Minutes from This Meeting

Goal Summary

  • List metrics we are going to care about
  • Define milestones & performance targets & strive to reach them wherever possible [a little softer than should be]
  • Focusing on blocking (+) bugs and significantly reduce number of blocking bugs
  • GFX & layout performance parity with 1.8, with no regressions [damon's raised a flag here regarding overall layout bandwidth]
  • Carbon-to-cocoa API work finished; new appshell implementation
  • Content: cut blocker list in half for content; fix some specific security vulnerabilities
  • Implement & land cross-site XMLHTTPrequest
  • Develop protected mode plan
  • Enable libXUL
  • Finish Breakpad implementation

Goal Meeting #2, May 2 @ 2:30PM PDT Notes:

Overall Goals

  • A specific focus performance regressions: We will define milestones and performance targets and strive to reach them. Note: Will use the graph server to see and track international page rendering.
  • Begin immediately focusing on "+" bugs.
  • Significantly reduce the number of blocker bugs.


  • Enable new textframe (roc)
  • Complete compositor (roc)
  • Fix Major Regressions From the Reflow Branch Landing:
  • Get style system tested under mochitest well enough to catch common mistakes when adding CSS properties (dbaron)
  • add reftests for reflow branch work (particularly table width calculation) (dbaron)
  • make progress on layout invariant assertions (dbaron)
  • Accessibility Improvement: key 1.9 style system changes: media queries (bug 156716), always use my colors pref bug 348637 (dbaron)
  • additional important (user-facing) patches: scroll position restoration bug 43114, link handling bug 335963 (dbaron)
  • progress on top CSS bugs (dbaron)
  • Implement Unicode-compatible line breaking (smontagu)
  • International text issues from new textframe (smontagu) ? (Does this mean we won't have any issues with international text?)
  • Initialize editors for at least single-line text controls lazily (bzbarsky)
  • Get enn's popup rewrite reviewed (bzbarsky)


  • Feature-complete gfx (Note: Requires sync with Firefox plans for UI demands from gfx [mconnor]; same applies to SVG [tor])
  • No functional regressions in gfx rendering
  • Performance parity with 1.8. (BIG NOTE: might be too difficult for this quarter.)
  • Rewrite parts of CSS Rendering for performance/correctness (initially borders/outlines -- vlad)

Mac OS X

  • Cocoa Widgets Stable (eliminate all blockers): Current blockers: 27.
  • Finish new appshell implementation.
  • Finish native form controls for Mac OS X.


  • Make style sheets know their principal and make URI/Image CSSValues know what their originating principal is (bzbarsky)
  • Land the "don't block parser on stylesheets" patch (bzbarsky)
  • Stop adding <br> nodes to plaintext in editor (depends on new textframe) (bzbarsky)
  • Implement and land Cross Site XMLHttpRequest (sicking)
  • Cut my blocker list in half, including fixing any beta blockers (sicking)
  • Investigate <include> and, if appropriate, implement it. Otherwise work on XBL2 (sicking)
  • Fix plugin widget reparenting to solve plugin teardown problems, primarily on Win32 (jst)
  • Sort out JS principals vs scope issue described in bug 317240 (jst)
  • Continue investigating Mozilla 2 (jst)




  • Develop breakpad client/server with all the features and QA reports needed for a release
  • Finish the FF+XR build system to ship the resulting builds, and fix the mac UB builds (bsmedberg)
  • --enable-libxul for Firefox (bsmedberg)

Build System

  • Develop a concrete plan & timeline for configure system rework/replacement (luser/bsmedberg)

Additional Goals