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Goals Summary


  • Identify owners for each blocker.
  • Categorize each blocker in order to plan a real path to shipping final product. For example categorize into: Content Editable, Reflow, TextFrame/Run, etc.
  • Make sure at least two people are available to work on each category of bugs above.


Mac OS X

  • Gecko 1.9 Mac OS X blocker list consistently under 3 blockers.
    • We need to be at 0 blockers to ship.
  • Resolve all Firefox 2 regressions on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Effective coordination between our group and QA for both Gecko 1.8 and Gecko 1.9 efforts.
    • Don't let requests from QA sit.
  • We made a lot of progress with group communication and coordination in Q3. We should maintain or even improve on the effectiveness of our current arrangement.
    • Suggestion: Each person should update the wiki for the wednesday status meetings with the bugs & bug numbers you are working on that week, before the meeting happens.
    • Make sure that we don't regress our current communication arrangement -- keep doing monday and wednesday meetings.


  • Zero content sg: blocker bugs: By this query: [1]
  • Get all blockers that are regressions from non-blockers fixed or backed out
  • No content leaks in Tp2, mochitest or reftest


  • ES4 / TG1 spec work
    • We are in spec-writing and RI bug-fixing mode now
    • All "feature" issues were resolved last quarter
    • Goal is for complete first (pre-alpha) end-to-end draft by end-of-quarter
    • Schedule for submission to ECMA begins Q1 08, involves a year worth of review rounds
  • ActionMonkey
    • Finish Stage 1, bug 393023.
    • Finish selected Stage 2 bugs (TBD). Stage 2 will focus on integrating the Tamarin object model into SpiderMonkey.


Build System

Additional Goals