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Goals Summary


  • Land CSS transforms
    • Done
  • Land CSS3 border-radius
    • Not done yet, in progress, will probably make beta1 next week
  • Land CSS3 border-image
    • Done
  • Land SVG clip-path/mask/filter for CSS
    • Done
  • Land SVG paint servers for CSS
    • Not done, may not be a priority for 1.9.1
  • Land element-as-CSS-background
    • Not done, may not be a priority for 1.9.1
  • Land CSS media queries
    • Done
  • Land white-space:pre-line
    • Done
  • Land word-wrap:break-word
    • Done
  • Land CSS3 box-shadow
    • Done
  • Land CSS3 column-rule
    • Done
  • Land CSS downloadable fonts
    • Not done, still hoping to make beta1 though
  • Fix all wanted1.9.1/blocking1.9.1 regressions that occurred in 1.9
    • Some done, some not.
  • Land fixes for all Acid3 layout bugs (generated content rework, absolute positioning on the root)
    • Done


  • Have gfx ready to ship in 1.9.1 (meaning, nothing that we know about that would stop ship), including:
    • All blocking 1.9.1 bugs resolved
    • All P1 wanted 1.9.1 bugs resolved
  • Prioritization of post-1.9.1 work

Mac OS X

  • Make significant progress on Firefox 3 stability. Quantifying is difficult because of Socorro problems at the moment.
    • Crashers fixed in Firefox 3.0.x: 433997, 444128, 443024, 443455, 357670. 3 more about to land for
  • Fix all Mac OS X bugs blocking the Firefox 3 major update. This includes bug 357670 and bug 428405.
    • Major update shipped. Fixes for both bugs listed here have been landed for Firefox 3.0.2.
  • Fix all Mac OS X platform bugs blocking a Gecko 1.9-based Camino release. This includes bug 433719.
    • Bug 433719 fixed on trunk, waiting for approval. We don't know of any other trunk platform blockers for Camino.
  • Be prepared to ship Cocoa event model for NPAPI in Firefox 3.1 (code in the tree). This is bug 435041.
    • Due to unforeseen difficulties this has been put off until after Firefox 3.1 and instead we have been working on other plugin-related tasks.
  • Make a decision about how we'll support Java in Firefox 3.1 for Mac OS X and complete any coding required to support our decision.
    • Decision: OJI-based JEP, no change in how we support Java on Mac OS X in Firefox 3.1.


  • Finish up Cross-Site XHR (Jonas)
  • Worker Threads (Ben)
  • Inner-Outer window lifetime cleanup (Ben)
  • Node Iterator (Patch done, needs to be driven in. Jonas)
  • Element Traversal (Jonas)
  • Make progress on XPCOMGC (Johnny)
  • DOM fast path (Jason, Blake, Johnny)
  • Deferred script execution (Jonas)
  • Preemptive script/resource loading (Blake)
  • Figure out Java plugin story for 3.1 (Johnny)
  • XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod() security check removal (Blake)
  • Make DOM mutation events sane (Jonas)
  • querySelector (Boris)
  • External SVG references (Boris)
  • Frame reparenting (tab drag-and-drop) (Boris)


  • 40% interpreter performance improvement (status: landed about 20%, have another 10-15% in call threading, but too high risk for 3.1)
  • tracemonkey landed in mozilla-central (status: integration ongoing, usable for daily browsing, currently off by default)
  • substantial gains on JITed benchmarks (status: complete)
  • integration of JS test suite into main reporting model (status: miss)
  • test suite/fuzzer for loopy, type-unstable, prototype-chain mutating, shape-busting patterns (status: complete)
  • programmatic control of profilers on linux and win32 (status: complete)
  • new standard lib features from ES3.1/ES4 (status: dropped)
  • improve TT performance on Web JS (status: dropped)
  • bug 97954 (stand-alone sm) (status: patch mostly complete, not yet landed)
  • bug 409021 (updated MMgc for TT) landed (status: dropped)


Build System

Mozilla 2

Additional Goals

  • Land platform video/audio backends
    • Quicktime
    • GStreamer
    • Directshow
  • Land Ogg Vorbis audio backend
  • Land Windows TSF input framework