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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.9

  • Shipping today at 3pm-ish

Firefox 3.0.10

  • Please work on your blockers
  • Code freeze is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:59pm PDT

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

Blocker Report

Since 1.9.1 branch ... 2009-04-21-blocker-report.png

Past 2 weeks ... 2009-04-21-blocker-report-detail.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]


  • blockers going up again (boo!)
  • we're falling off of blocker triage

The Breakdown

Browser / Front End

  • Polish update: Firefox is 53% shiny (+1% over last week)


GFX 1.9.1 Update

  • Bug status:

Layout Update

  • Layout
    • 6 blockers (4 with patches or probably will be fixed by other bugs)
    • 2 untriaged noms (1 with a patch!)
    • dholbert: progressing with animation of CSS properties via SMIL
    • roc: hoisting plugin widgets to toplevel, working on windowless IFRAMEs
    • zwol: frame "GC"
  • SVG
    • 1 blocker
  • Video/Audio
    • 17 blockers (could be pruned, should not delay our schedule)
    • doublec: Splitting the current "decode video + play audio" thread into separate threads to fix jitter playing 720p and 1080p
    • kinetik: gfx-level performance improvements
    • chrisp: getting married

Content Update

  • 1.9.1:
    • One remaining P1 blocker bug 475864 Quickstubs allow pages to mess with native anonymous content. Patch almost ready, but neads some tweaks.
    • 9 other blockers
      • bug 483915 Workers: Use new JSAPI to limit tracing code cache size -- Trivial, but needs bug 474497 first.
      • bug 481566 Content sink needs to be more responsive -- Did a touch-and-go, but needs updated patch.
      • bug 462853 "Assertion failure: slot < (obj)->map->freeslot" during T... -- Needs more work, hard to reproduce.
      • bug 485125 Crash on close [@ libflashplayer.so@0x4110d ] -- Likely fixed, or fixed enough, by Karl's recent gtk widget destruction fix.
      • bug 483672 Permission denied for <http://localhost:7080> to call met... -- Won't block on a fix here, Firebug workaround on hand instead of taking this fix.
      • bug 487695 Decide what to do with localStorage when using session only cookies.
      • bug 479880 Security bug.
      • bug 480205 Security bug (remainder of mrbkap's wrapper work).
      • bug 461861 Security bug.

Mac OS X Update

  • Josh making good progress on the 64-bit port. Optimistically within 4-6 weeks of being able to build 64-bit on trunk.
  • Steven Michaud back from working on major JEP update, mostly for 10.6 Java compatibility in FF 3.5.
  • Looking into major modal dialog work for 1.9.2, outlined in bug 478073.
  • Cocoa NPAPI well under way, will finish after Neil Deakin's focus re-factoring lands since it involves a bunch of focus work in the object frame. Have also been waiting on some last-minute spec changes being worked out with Apple.

JS 1.9.1

General 1.9.1

These are bugs that fall outside of components covered by the Gfx, Content, Layout and JS groups:

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

  • Big perf things we need to land soon
    • bug 485426 ARM simd rgb24->565 optimizations
    • bug 482676 Neon pixman optimizations
    • bug 483409 Use XShm for pushing to the screen
    • bug 482689 Optimize background displaylists for opaque images
    • bug 67752 Interruptible Reflow
      • We would really like to see this land on trunk as soon as possible so we can try to decide if it could go back to 1.9.1 for mobile.
  • In progress


Security Reviews

Still outstanding / to be scheduled

  • native JSON
  • Windows TSF Integration
  • DNS prefetching


Tree Management

  • headsup nthomas/bhearsum traveling
    • so if we drag into late wed, will need to haggle
  • wait times on try+production build/unittest machines
    • please file bugs for long wait times between landing patch, and start of build
    • still trying to figure out talos wait times, but its long
  • win32 depend builds and bigger disks,
  • splitting unittest to run in parallel chunks;
    • suggestions on how to display on waterfall?
    • will post to tree mgmt, but no-one in meeting cared, everyone just using mstrange's UI instead.
  • win32 buildtimes (disk changes to moz2-win32-slave01, 03, 06)
    • increasing disk size reduced depend compile/link from 3h->17mins
    • need help with msys and network mount drives
  • powering off Firefox2 machines at last


  • Platform planning is ongoing. Please participate in the dev.planning threads Javascript, GFX, Layout, and Content.
  • Firebug compatibility
    • need bug 483672
      • we're going to work around this at the loss of XHR results in the console tab
  • Tracing across DOM methods for 1.9.1? Do we have a good risk/reward metrics? See e.g. bug 480187, bug 487134. Seems hard to call these blockers.
  • status of memory leaks (dbaron)