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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.12

  • Please work on your blockers
  • Currently have 26 blockers that need patches
  • Code freeze scheduled for tonight!
  • Reminder: All patches require approval on 1.9.0. Blockers do not have automatic approval

Firefox 3.5 RC1

  • froze and started RC1 builds on Friday last week
  • rebuilt RC1 yesterday to correct a problem with the updater code, won't affect QA results or timing
  • so far the rest of the RC1 QA work has looked great
  • aiming for following schedule:
    • Tuesday,June 16th - ship RC1 update to Firefox 3.5 Beta users
    • Friday, June 19th - pending QA approval, ship RC1 on all-beta download page
    • Thursday, June 25th - make launch decision for following week

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

  • Spending time this week helping QA with RC1 verification work
  • Polish update: Firefox is 58% shiny (+4% change)


GFX Update

  • New Windows pixman span rasterizer is just about ready to land; gives Windows performance potentially greater than that of Mac. Only thing left is Linux, which is hampered by XRender.
  • Windows 7 jumplists are coming along. This will be a toolkit/widget feature, so other products (eg Thunderbird) will be able to take advantage of it.
  • Landed a fix to image caching that ended up regressing Tp memory use and performance. Have some theories about this which we're going to test.
  • Working on finishing up Q2 goals and defining Q3 goals; look for a post to dev.planning today.
  • Other small things; see GFX meeting notes for more details.

Layout Update

Content Update

  • Content Blockers: None!
  • Work on HTML 5 parser
    • No reports of webcompat problems.
    • Actual parser changes being reviewed.
    • Having perf problems on talos when parser is enabled.
  • Slim wrappers
  • Multiprocess
  • Starting work on XBL2
    • Have plan for attachment/detachment and insertion points here.

Mac OS X Update

  • Josh working on Cocoa NPAPI drawing model.
  • Steven Michaud working on various Mac OS X bugs.

JS 1.9.1

General 1.9.1

Mobile 1.9.1 Update



Tree Management

  • pushing FF3.5rc1build2 to mirrors; ready to start FF3.5rc1build3 when we get "go"
  • changed tracemonkey talos slaves from dedicated to pool-of-talos-slaves
  • started producing Fennec desktop builds today
  • WinCE signing goal dropped while requirements being figured out.