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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.5

  • released this morning! yay!
  • currently serving downloads at similar rates to Firefox 3 release, no problem!

Firefox 3.5.1

  • blocking1.9.1.1 flag has been created
  • requested an approval1.9.1.1 flag as well bug 501393
  • goal of this release should be a quick-turnaround that:
    • fixes topcrashes and bugs we almost held ship for: bug 427715, bug 499538, bug 500108, etc
    • can be shipped to 3.5 users in mid-to-late july, so narrow scope, small change
    • not sure if this will be Major Update offer version, or if that would be 3.5.2
    • nominate similar sounding bugs!

Blocker Report

Gecko / Firefox 3.5.1

Browser / Front End

GFX Update

  • Finished collecting our Q3 goals. Full list available on the wiki. Please let us know if we've missed anything. Highlights:
    • Hardware acceleration.
    • Multiprocess work.
    • Cairo software performance.
    • Cairo capabilities.
    • Font system enhancements.
    • Decode-on-draw for images.
    • Windows integration work (mostly Win7).
  • Not a lot to report, lots of ongoing work in the above areas. Highlights of that work:
    • Pixman image scaling - better quality scaling. Trying to land soon.
    • bug 753 in progress, chasing a few last bugs in the patch before going through more intensive testing & review.
    • Decode-on-draw in initial stages of development.
    • nsWindow refactoring landed.

Layout Update

  • Compositor phase 1 patches up for review, trying to figure out who gets the reviews (roc)
  • SMIL/CSS up for review (dholbert)
  • Frame poisoning ready to land (zwol), investigating per-type freelists
  • Harfbuzz work in progress, should land prototype on trunk in a few weeks (jfkthame)
  • Opentype feature spec posted to CSS WG (jdaggett)
  • Lots of gruesome font format discussions
  • Transitions spec issues (dbaron)
  • Reworking Ogg decoding (doublec)
  • Ogg indexing (cpearce)
  • Ogg fuzzing (mgregan)
  • jemalloc issues (karlt)

Content Update

  • HTML5 parser landed! (preffed off -- about:config pref is "html5.enable")
  • peterv's slimwrappers ready to land (modulo fixing an existing leak that was triggered by this work)
  • bent got the test plugin to draw when running out of process.
  • Lots of awesome plugin code simplification going on (Josh).
  • LiveConnect removal patch up for review.

Mac OS X Update


  • looked some at Google's Sputnik ES3 testsuite
    • none of our existing failures are too serious
    • some errors are codified in ES5
    • a large number of existing failures can be tracked to giving native functions (those built into ES5 itself) .prototype
    • many also due to reading all input as ASCII when Sputnik expects UTF-8, see bug 495790 and bug 501265, probably will switch to read input as UTF-8 for simplicity
    • work on bugfixes probably not particularly high-priority, will keep an eye on things as UTF-8 and similar bugs are fixed to clear out the low-hanging fruit



Work progressing: phase I not quite finished. The project repository is almost populated, and a bug has been filed to get buildbot/tinderbox builds.

cjones working on IPC protocol layer.

Test plugin drawing from separate process on Windows.

Tree Management

Roundtable (both topics deferred to next week)

  • triaging blocking nominations earlier in the cycle? (dbaron)
    • getting regressions fixed when people still remember the code that caused them
    • having a smaller pile at the end of the cycle
    • keeping mozilla-central in more-shippable state
  • Can we use a multi-state flag for blocking-1.9.2? Proposed states (bsmedberg):
    •  ?
    • -
    • next alpha
    • last alpha
    • beta
    • final