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  • Focus on blockers
  • Do not check in performance regressions

Notices / Schedule

Previous release post-mortems

  • Firefox 3.6.7/8: 2010-08-03 @ 1:00 pm PST, duration 45 mins
  • Firefox 3.6.4/6: 2010-08-10 @ 1:00 pm PST, duration 1 hour
    • The details on how the post-mortem will be run will be sent out today

Firefox (Supported Branches)

  • Schedules for Firefox 3.6.9/3.5.12 are posted
    • Code freeze is currently scheduled for Thursday August 12 @ 11:59 pm PST

Firefox (Beta)

Firefox mobile (alpha)

  • aiming for code freeze on 8/10.
  • Bug list

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6.9

  • There are 22 open blockers (+0 w/w)
    • Code freeze is currently scheduled for Thursday August 12 @ 11:59 pm PST
    • Let's try to not get them all in on the last day. I'll be bugging people furiously this week and the start of next
  • Only approving blockers at this point

Firefox 3.5.12

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox Development

(from our goals):

  • [ON TRACK] Feature complete Firefox 4
    • [DONE] Switch to Tab
    • [DONE] App Tabs - Scope for 4.0 reduced (non-global), near feature complete.
    • [DONE] Extension Manager - Bug list is converging, still a lot of work to do.
    • [DONE] Web Console
    • [ON TRACK] Notification UI - Geo and EM notifications done, http auth next.
    • [ON TRACK] New Theme - Windows and Mac good, Linux catching up now
    • [DONE] TabCandy Panorama
    • [AT RISK] Silent updates on Windows
    • [DROPPED] Inspector
    • [DROPPED] Account Manager - WIP patches posted, but we can't contain the review load and code risk.
  • [AT RISK] Dirty profile startup within 20% of clean profile startup (modulo extensions, plugins; on windows)
    • Current status: Lots of data has been collected and analyzed, but no solid conclusions have shaken out.
    • Details page
    • Shawn has an updated blog post. Read it for more info.
    • Bugs on file that help:
      • Excessive cookie i/o bug bug 572223 (fixed)
      • Session Restore negatively impacts startup time based on the number of tabs loaded bug 582005
      • Suboptimal SQLite page size bug 416330 (fixed)
      • Provide a global VACUUM component bug 541373



  • Going to make enabling Direct2D a Beta 4 blocker, with the aim of blocking beta 5 on hardware accelerated layers (D3D9/OpenGL).
  • Direct2D gradient issues from last week are resolved.
  • libjpeg-turbo integration shows up to 2.5x (+?) speedups of the JPEG decoding code. bug 573948 (jlebar)



  • Retained layers
    • The most obvious retained-layers regressions fixed for beta3
    • Regression involving invalidation during reflow: may need to implement display-list-based invalidation for reflow to fix cleanly (brings perf wins too)
  • Content/chrome rendering integration
    • Timothy needs help
  • -moz-font-feature-settings has landed ("Land CSS control of lowlevel font features" done)
    • Needs Harfbuzz enabled to work


  • Improved software scaling ready to land
  • Standards compliance fixes
    • 'autobuffer' -> 'preload'
    • New load algorithm

Windows 7 Test Status

  • Same remaining bugs as last week
  • 2 out of 10 test suites with oranges
  • The following bugs had no activity: bug 562955 (jimm) and bug 581734 (no one - smontagu suggested)
  • We also have bug 582315 (felipe)

Tree Management


  • Supported Hardware & OS list for Firefox 4 (beltzner)
    • many questions from OSX, JS and build teams about this
    • beltzner gathering data about usage in bug 582848 as well as from secondary sources
    • current proposals are:
      • drop OSX 10.4 (ease of coding, speedups from using better APIs)
      • drop PPC (no OOPP support planned, no JM support planned)
      • maintain W2K (no impact to coding schedule, not a lot of additional work)
      • add OSX 64-bit (OOPP support planned, major speedup increase)
      • do not add Windows 64-bit (no OOPP support planned)
      • Linux 64?
      • SSE2 is still a question
      • beltzner to make concrete proposals to dev-planning
      • beltzner to gather data on SSE2 usage, report to dev-planning separate from previous
  • Question for Tree Management: (zwol)
    • Try server pushes are consistently taking 13-14 hours from push to last result email. Try server does not *appear* to be under heavier load than m-c (push rate eyeballs about the same); why is there such a huge difference?
      • Try push load for July is ~65% higher than mozilla-central
      • Build or test requests cannot be consolidated together on try, but can be consolidated during peak load on mozilla-central.
      • All builds on TryServer are full-clobber builds, not incremental builds like on mozilla-central
      • No fast build machines for try. Shuffling from mozilla-central and other project branches would slow those down.
      • If we ordered new hardware today, it would be at least 4 weeks to be racked up, installed, etc. No hardware has been ordered as yet.
      • Not all available testing slaves are currently enabled due to snow-ball effect during high jobs load. bug 563458