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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4 Beta

  • still waiting on code freeze for beta 7 (see blocker report)
  • will be doing triage again at the end of this meeting
  • roundtable discussion to be held on whether or not to keep tree closed

Firefox 3.6.11 and 3.5.14

  • Code freeze is tonight @ 11:59 pm PDT
  • Still have too many blockers (see blocker section)
  • Will be deferring anything < sgcrit and not a recent regression
  • Will be looking for overlap between FF4beta7 blockers and branch blockers
  • Will be bugging people, especially if they have bugs that have patches on m-c

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 3.6.11 and 3.5.14

Firefox Development

Q3 Goals Redux:

  • [DONE] Feature complete Firefox 4
  • [AT RISK] Dirty profile startup within 20% of clean profile
  • [MISSED] API-Complete, E10s-aware Jetpack

Q4 Goals Preview:


  • [NEW] Finish Firefox 4 (0 Firefox/Toolkit blockers)
  • [CARRY OVER] API-Complete Jetpack
  • [NEW] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Finish Firefox 4 developer tools (0 blocking developer tools bugs)
  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [DONE] Javascript performance near or even with Chrome 5 on their benchmarks (within 20% on SS, 30% on V8), with substantial wins on our benchmarks. (Windows, in-browser.)
  • [DONE] Hardware acceleration of video and other HTML and SVG content, as well as user interface, on by default for compatible hardware on all Tier-1 desktop and mobile platforms.
  • [DONE] Fully support the WebGL 1.0 spec, with support turned on by default in a Firefox 4 beta on platforms that support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
  • [MISSED] security: zero reproducible high/crit > 30 days
  • [DONE] Support multi-process Fennec.
  • [DONE] Support Jetpacks running in separate processes and never blocking the Fennec UI. NOTE: jetpack team hasn't actually integrated this code yet, but it works in small test environments.


  • Proposal: Let OpenGL be turned on on Mac for Beta 7 despite talos regressions.
    • Data: ~90 ms Ts regression that is very hard to impossible to work around (we can't do it asynchronously on a different thread). Proposal: Deal with it in the same way we're dealing with Direct3D 9 Ts regressions, by putting *other* things on a different startup thread.
    • ~6% Tp4 regression (down from ~10%). Proposal: Let it in for now and do everything we can to get it back down.
    • Reasons this is probably OK:
      • We expect this to provide a lot of benefit for some currently quite slow pages.
      • We need more testing for this to be in a position to be releasable for b7.
      • It's just a switch - we can turn it back off.
    • Alternative:
      • Don't release OpenGL support on Mac with Firefox 4.
      • Allow it in post-b7.
  • Resolution: Let OpenGL in on OS X for nightlies, and reconvene before beta 7 final to decide if we should keep it on for the beta.
    • Joe to announce this decision as well as talking about the benefits of accelerated layers using OpenGL.


  • people working on blockers
  • as of 6:45pm Monday, 169 total blockers (includes layout, editor, widget, audio/video), including 25 ready to land, 14 waiting for review

Content (aka Compartments this week)

  • Got through ~90% of Mochitest and identified a couple of wide impact issues
  • window.location prototype patch on hand, needs integrating.


  • Method JIT blockers coming along. Blocked on OS X 10.5.8 build following merge from mozilla-central change to build configuration.

Tree Management

  • New colo now online
    • Moving test machines should be invisible to developers. Slight hit to capacity as machines are in transit.
    • Start bringing more fast builders online in new colo.
    • no downtimes needed
  • OSX universal builds - nightly updates disabled, pending fixes from Josh. bug 571367
  • gcc-4.5 switchover (take 3!)
    • Ready to try switching over again, has been attempted on try and Taras says there are no unexpected test failures.


  • [beltzner] mozilla-central tree status
    • proposal A: tag and branch for beta7 now or soon, re-open mozilla-central to blockers, dual-land remaining 32 bugs. No builds-on-checkin on RELBRANCH.
    • proposal B: keep mozilla-central closed to blockers and topcrash fixes only
    • proposal C: keep mozilla-central closed to blockers, topcrash fixes only, use cedar/maple for beta8/beta+ fixes.
    • background: bugs waiting to land. Either of keyword:checkin-needed or whiteboard:[can land] will get you added.
  • [Tomcat] Stability Report
  • Triage beta 7 blockers (sort by ID)