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  • Move the web forward
    • [MISS] WebSockets landed (code is close to done, has r+, needs sr, but we have no tests and that's unlikely to be done in the next 3 weeks)
    • [MISS] Enable the HTML5 parser by default
    • [DONE] Evaluate what parts, if any, of HTML5 to implement next (lifted from last quarter)
    • [DONE] Implement XHR2's FormData
    • [DONE] Implement File.url from the File spec
  • Electrolysis
    • [MISS] Meet Fennec's e10s networking needs
    • [DONE] Implement a way to sanely deal with event handling across processes
    • [DONE] Get JavaScript Synchronous Wrappers integrated with electrolysis and JetPacks
    • [DONE] Get out of process plugins into a shippable state
    • [DONE] Get infallible malloc finished and landed
  • Make our platform more secure
    • [DONE] Implement complete wrapperization
    • [DONE] Make evalInSandbox() harder to use incorrectly -- This basically got done, but due to last minute security work it didn't get its final touches and thus didn't land.
  • Improve performance
    • [MISS] Make the thisObject hook not be hot
    • [MISS] Optimize DOM child storage for performance (lifted from last quarter)
    • [DONE] Minimize unwrapping overhead in quickstubs (eliminate XPCOM tearoff creation, avoid QIs, etc) (lifted from last quarter, and tweaked) -- Work is done and reviewed, but due to last minute security bug work this didn't land.
    • [DONE] Make our content nodes store a pointer to their frame (eliminate the primary frame map)
  • [DROPPED] Assist with Firebug development
    • [DROPPED] Investigate (and fix as needed) the impact of Firebug on Firefox performance and memory usage
    • [DROPPED] Implement back-end functionality for allowing Firebug to hook into document load and unload (basically bug 342715, bug 484710, bug 534149).