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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4

Update from QA.

Firefox 4 Mobile

Firefox 3.6 and 3.5

  • Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17 went out on Tuesday
  • Firefox 3.6.15 went out on Friday to fix a regression loading Java applets in 3.6.14
    • Thank you everyone for the quick reaction
  • 3.6.14/3.6.15 postmortem is tentatively scheduled for 2011-03-22 @ 1:30 pm PST
    • Christian will be sending a note around once the date and time firms up
  • pwn2own is this week. RelEng and drivers are on deck if we need a chemspill

Blocker Report

Firefox Development



  • We're trying to define our short- and long-term plans for Firefox 5 and Firefox later. If you have things you need, or think you need, from graphics, please let Joe know -
  • iBeta graphics blocklisting test is going on today, and being tracked in bug 638206.





Tree Management

Stability Report

  • Beta12
  • Trunk
    • 61 K users - 1.59 crashes per 100 ADU
    • Over the weekend, users were down so not many crashes.
  • Overall - we seem in pretty good shape. Watching the RC crash rate closely.
  • Marcia just logged a couple of new core graphics crashes


  • Branching plan for Fx5 and beyond?