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Notices / Schedule

  • Next week, this agenda will be done on Monday. That means we won't be adding to it five minutes before (or during!) the meeting.
  • The mozilla-aurora → mozilla-beta merge has been completed successfully
    • Waiting for the l10n repos to be copied (see bug 657417) before sending the all clear
    • There is now 1 week of idle time on mozilla-aurora due to the schedule differences between Firefox 5 and Firefox 6
  • Ongoing discussion on tree checkins and build bustage in mozilla.dev.planning.

Firefox Development

(no updates today)


  • Benoit Girard (BenWa) has joined us full-time! To start, he's working on asynchronous plugin drawing on Mac OS X.
  • Joe is looking for suggestions for projects for graphics interns to do. If you've got graphics tasks that you'd like done, interns are a great resource!
  • Nothing to report for GLES layers, mostly due to WebGL security issues (e.g. bug 656277).


Debugger (Jim Blandy, Dave Camp, Jason Orendorff)


jorendb, the world's dumbest JS debugger: http://pastebin.com/Xn1f54sJ

Plans: https://wiki.mozilla.org/DevTools/Features/Debugger

Milestone 1 is next Friday. It will be very basic: "stop at a debugger statement, view the stack, show the source".

Chat: #devtools


  • Nothing to share




  • Networking is now its own group led by Josh Aas. Members are Brian Smith, Jason Duell, Nick Hurley, Honza Bambas, Bjarne Herland, Michal Novotny, and Patrick McManus.
  • Improving testing capabilities is a top priority.
    • Looking into additional testing for things like high latency connections and certain forms of packet loss.
    • Looking into making use of Telemetry.
  • Working on mobile disk cache.
  • Fixing a number of IPv6 bugs in preparation for World IPv6 Day.
  • Starting SPDY implementation soon.

Tree Management

  • need a 1-2 hour tree closure so Ops and RelEng can clean up some extremely crufty DNS zone files. How about early Monday morning Pacific time? See bug 646126.

Stability Report

  • Crash rate on the trunk is slightly higher than 1 week before the last cutover to Aurora.
  • Not surprising since we probably have more changes.
  • Top crashes
    • Bug 656354 - nsDocShell::SetDocCurrentStateObj(nsISHEntry*). Not new but rising quickly. Review pending.
    • Bug 648022 - Fixed on Aurora but not on trunk.
    • Bug 653296 - Not new but on the rise.
    • Bug 657292 - Some activity on it.
    • Bug 657418 - Few crashes until 05/14/2011 when all of a sudden we went to about 30+ a day.