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General Goals

Platform 2013 Goals

  1. Games/Media/Social/Location
  2. Performance
  3. Development velocity/productivity
  4. Firefox OS
  5. Firefox Desktop
  6. Firefox Android
  7. Overall Software Quality




  • [DONE] 716140 - Multi-threaded image decoding. [3,5] (Train 23)
  • [DONE] 804893 - Layers refactoring, D3D11 compositor. [2,3,5] (Train 23)
  • [DONE] The GFX team will resolve all actionable security bugs within six weeks of their entering our components and receiving sec-high or sec-critical designation. [7] (All trains)


  • [ON TRACK] 687187, 827229 - SkiaGL based canvas performance improvements on mobile. [2,6] (Trains 23, 24, 25)
  • [ON TRACK] 651857 - Azure improvements. [2,3,5] (Trains 24,25)
  • [ON TRACK] Fix WebGL security bugs. (Train 25)
  • [DONE] D2D 1.1 (Trains 24, 25)

Preliminary Work

  • [ON TRACK] Scrolling performance on B2G
  • [ON TRACK] OMT Animation
  • [WISHLIST] WebGL performance improvements as driven by the games team. [2,6] (Trains 24,25)
  • [WISHLIST] Off main thread painting.
  • [DONE] Gradient performance.
  • [ON TRACK] OMTC on the Mac
  • [WISHLIST] XP software path optimization
  • [ON TRACK] More robust downloadable blocklisting solution


  • [ON TRACK] Readability 2.0
    • [ON TRACK] reflow-on-zoom: make decision on whether to move forward with ship, and if yes, get to shipping quality on mozilla-central (sjohnson) (done is perhaps a little fuzzy here based on definiton of "shipping quality"; still working on bugs)
  • [MISSED] [WISHLIST] CSS Variables (bug 773296) landed on mozilla-central (heycam) (is this more than wishlist?)
  • [MISSED] [WISHLIST] CSS Vertical Text (bug 145503): get first part, bug 735577, landed on mozilla-central (smontagu) (is this the right milestone? right owner(s)?)
  • [DONE] Ship CSS Flexbox on release channel (dholbert)
  • [DONE] Resolve css3-multicol fuzz blockers (sjohnson, mats?)
  • [DONE] [WISHLIST] Tests for OMT Animations (dzbarsky)


  • [DONE] Resolve all media security bugs that received a designation of sec-moderate or higher more than six weeks ago. This is a permanent goal for the group. bug 831294
  • [DONE] Land sufficient performance with H.264 video playback support in mozilla-central (Nightly) for the Windows Metro product on the lower-end target hardware
  • [DONE] Among QA's Android phones (approximately 100 phones), resolve most of the H.264/MP4 playback crash reports more than a month old (no more than 5 such crash reports open at the end of the quarter) by either getting the phones working or on the blacklist with the ultimate goal being that none of the Android phones we have physical access to crash on H.264/MP4 playback.
  • [MISSED] Implement Media Source Extensions sufficient to support a first phase of adaptive streaming [chunked multi-bitrate/resolution streaming] for WebM on Linux or Windows 7/8


  • [DONE] Worker work - Enable ImageData (was FileReader) on Worker Thread (khuey)
  • [MISSED] 850065 Incremental cycle collection (Andrew)
  • WebComponent (blake, william)
    • [DONE] 653881 Land XBL refactoring patches
    • [MISSED] 806506 Implement ShadowRoot interface (as of March 25th)
      • Done, but needs reviews and landing.
    • [DEFERRED] 854736 Implement basic insertion points without selector support
  • [MISSED] 789919 Snow white (for faster addref/release and for security fixes) (olli)
  • [MISSED] 853893 Sane event handling for workers (olli, khuey)
  • [DONE] 848294 Update Animation and Transition event implementations to match specification (olli)
  • [MISSED] 578700 ES6 Spec - Binary Data support (nsm)
  • [DEFERRED] UndoManager ( (WChen)
  • [MISSED] 856785 Push Notifications support on Desktop ( (nsm)
  • [DONE] 851639 Make it possible to register WebAPIs implemented in JS on navigator w/o writing any C++ code. (parity with current XPCOM mechanism)
  • [DONE] Convert every Node to new bindings
  • [MISSED] Rewrite the global scope polluter as a proxy (peterv or bz)
    • We started on this but didn't have enough time with the other work we did to complete it.
  • [DONE] 742206 Enough Date support in WebIDL for HTMLInputElement
  • [DONE] 850442 Convert Geolocation to WebIDL
  • [DEFERRED] Audit test_interfaces to identify/reduce dom global namespace pollution (dougt)
    • This turned into a larger API release policy discussion than what we were able to do in Q2, so deferred to Q3.
  • [DONE] Ensure that the median age of all DOM sec-critical and sec-high bugs is 3 weeks or less.


  • [DONE] Have Fetch ready for review (annevk)
  • [DONE] Land the Future feature in DOM spec (annevk, mounir)
  • [DONE] Clarify the WebAPI table with respect to standardization (add a status column) (annevk)
  • [WISHLIST] Land multiple file support in input type file on m-c (baku)
  • [WISHLIST] Get resource timing api ready for review (bug 822480) (baku)
  • [CARRY OVER] land support for temporary storage (including IndexedDB) on m-c (bug 785884) (jan)
  • [DONE] Write/update simple storage JS library and solicit feedback (baku, mounir)
  • [MISSED] Get annotations to improve diagnosis of threading and memory issues into tree (bent)
  • [DONE] Integrate IndexedDB into Gecko profiler to help diagnose performance issues (bent)
  • [MISSED] Land sync IDB in workers (janv)
  • [DROPPED] Help reduce orange factor to 7 (all)
  • [DONE] Have all SysApps specs at FPWD (mounir, marcos)
  • [MISSED] Finalize Inter-App Communication API and work with B2G team on use cases (mounir)
  • [WISHLIST] Plug localStorage and appcache into temporary storage (janv) (depends upon localStorage rewrite)
  • [WISHLIST] Multiprocess FileHandle (janv)
  • [CARRY OVER] Design Stream API for XHR and have it in the XHR spec (annevk)
  • [DONE] Define a way to associate a manifest and a web document together (marcos)
  • [DEFERRED] Define parsing and processing model for manifest format (marcos)



  • [DEFERRED] Implement global magnification for FF OS. (Bonus: landed) [4,7]
    • 19 April, given priorities, decided likely to defer to Q3.
  • [DONE] Fix mochitest-a11y assertions (including dependency tree). bug 855375 [7]
  • [DONE] Reactivity: Assist to resolve any feature blocking accessibility work within 2 weeks. [3,7]
  • [WISHLIST] Reactivity: Fix key/priority community bugs. Tracking bug 855324. [7]
  • [DONE] Resolve all actionable security bugs within six weeks of their entering our components and receiving sec-moderate or higher designation. (all trains) [7]



  • [DONE] Disk Cache Design and implementation started (michal, honza) (multi-q goal)
  • [DONE] 658222 TLS False Start for SPDY (Patrick done. Waiting on review from bsmith)
  • [DONE] SPDY Push (Patrick)
  • [DONE] 791750 ODA on off-main-thread (Steve)
  • [DONE] 558623 B2G HTTP IPDL optimizations (jduell)
  • [DONE] 853029 Hand off Stone Ridge to A-Team. (Nick)
  • [MISSED] B2G Per Application traffic meter support (jduell)
  • [MISSED] 436414 OCSP Get Requests (waiting on reviews from nss)



  • [ON TRACK] Resolve all mobile security bugs that received a designation of sec-moderate or higher more than six weeks ago. This is a permanent goal for the group.
  • WebAPI implementations for Android
    • [ON TRACK] SimplePush
    • [ON TRACK] WebActivities
    • [ON TRACK] Payments API bug 813756
    • [ON TRACK] Contacts API
  • Canvas 2D perf
    • [ON TRACK] ship skia-gl backed canvas 2d in nightly bug 858237
  • [ON TRACK] ANR reporter for Nightly and Aurora
  • [ON TRACK] reduce ANRs by 25%
  • [ON TRACK] Ship support for WebRTC (video, audio and data calls) in Android nightly
  • [ON TRACK] Basic set top box controls support