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10am 11am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm

Welcome & Agenda [CJ, Milan]

Presentation: IPC Security wiki [bjacob]

Presentation: Introduction to graphics/layout architecture [Roc]

APZC: Architecture - current design, future needs. [kats] Etherpad

APZC: Feature requests, important bugs. [kats] Etherpad

Tiling: Current design and solution(s). Heuristics. Progressive. Limitations. Layout? [JeffM, Bas]

Tiling: What next? Performance? Desktop? Non-scrolling? Layout? [Milan]


Automated graphics performance testing for Gaia [Mason] Etherpad

Gaia performance pitfalls. [BenWa] Etherpad

Presentation: Cleopatra and systrace [BenWa+Jerry] Etherpad

Smooth scrolling: Project butter [Vincent] Etherpad

Smooth scrolling: Project butter [Vincent] Etherpad

Eideticker (William)


Layer scope [Morris]

WebGL path. [JeffG, Dan]

Presentation: Wi-Fi Display [CJ]

Skia [Jeff, George]


  • TV
  • TV GFX [Solomon]

Slide GoogleDoc


What needs more discussion? [Milan]

[10:30] Discussion: How do we move faster? [Vlad] etherpad

Presentation: APZ introduction wiki. Tiling introduction. [Botond, Jeff]

Presentation: Chaos mode and rr [Roc]

Optimizing for Mobile GPUs etherpad [ARM, bjacob]

TaskTracer [Shelly]

Project Butter: Code Review [Vincent] Bug 987532


OMTC, Tiling, APZC - best path


4:30 What is the list of layout or performance team requirements? [Milan]

When should we meet next?

10am 11am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm