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This page outlines what needs to be done to ship a release with the HTML5 parser enabled by default.

Things that need to be done before shipping the HTML5 parser in a final Firefox release

  • Fix "[HTML5]" bugs marked P2. (hsivonen)
    • 569528 <h5> inside <button> inside <p> implicitly closes the <p>
    • 579846 HTML5 parser regresses cache-control support in meta pragmas
    • 579867 Implement July 2010 spec changes to SVG in HTML
    • 564098 "ASSERTION: Script global object not ready"
    • 577508 Hide old document when new one pops a dialog
  • Reviews on patches
    • 574884 <math></html> crashes (sicking)
    • 570309 -- > closing comments breaks CNN Money (sicking)
    • 575175 Deal with Unicode decoder consuming -1 bytes (smontagu)
  • Security review.
    • Talked to dveditz about how to do the security review for the HTML5 parser, and it's not clear what the best format for the review would be. But we did decide that it's not something we need to do before turning the parser on by default, but we need to do it before we ship it. --jst
  • 544994Create a "slow tp" test suite for exercising speculative parsing. (who owns this now?)
    • What if this suite reveals something bad?

Suspended items that may re-enter the list of release blockers

  • Suspended bugs that were previously P2
    • 482917 Make HTML5 parsing not regress stream data availability to extensions
      • There's now a patch but no way to test it.
      • Suspended, because there are no known extensions that use the API in question and are compatible with Firefox 3.6.
      • Time estimate: Unknown. (Need to find an extension that actually uses this. The alternative is writing an extension just for testing.)

Notable evangelism bugs

  • Bugs that need site-side fixes
    • 540480 dashboard not loading with HTML5 parser turned on
      • Site contacted, contact acknowledged (hsivonen)
    • 553795 Blank page on (Windows only)
      • No owner
      • Bad browser sniffing leads to document.write without an insertion point
    • 565689 </script> in string literal breaks out of script early on
      • Site contacted (mbrubeck)
      • Bank
    • 565938 Blank page on LinkedIn Recruiter
      • Site rep CCed on the bug.
      • Bad browser sniffing leads to document.write without an insertion point