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The Layout Team is primarily responsible for the Gecko Layout Engine. A programmer's primer is posted here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Gecko:Overview

Quarterly Planning

See the Platform Planning page for info on our meetings that occur 2-3 times a year to plan features.

Feature Planning

  • Goals of new features:
    • UI layout
    • Magazines/ebook layout
    • Language support
  • CSS
    • Flexbox
      • horizontal/vertical
      • single/multi-line
    • Grid Layout
    • Pagination
      • Pagination controls
      • Better pagination (tables, abspos)
    • CSS Conditional
      • @supports
    • CSS Variables
    • CSS Images
      • gradients (syntax changes, animation)
  • Need better proposals for
    • CSS Regions
    • CSS Exclusions
  • Other
    • CSS Paginated Overflow
    • Scrolling APIs
    • Ruby
    • Seamless IFRAME / media queries
  • Text
    • Mobile Readability
    • Writing Modes (vertical text, etc.)
    • Graphite
    • Ruby
  • Responsiveness/Performance
    • View removal
    • Display-List based invalidation
    • SVG Display-List conversion
    • Font cache performance improvements

Development Planning

Other Information