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P1 Status:

  • bug 395465: Show Modal Dialog: Waiting on Roc for SR. This patch is ready to go. Need to get the review taken care of.
  • bug 419668: filepicker throws an exception in NSOpenPanel: Just made it a P1. Need to get an SR from Pav or Vlad today. Josh will find someone.

P2 Status:

  • bug 372571: Josh is working on this this morning. Should be done with this today.
  • bug 416390: A new bug. Need to find out what's going on.
  • bug 400577: Stephen's bug. Hasn't gotten to it yet. Don't know if it is going to be difficult or not. Need to try to reproduce it. Might get moved off the blocking list. Investigation needs to block.
  • bug 413681: This is the google bug that stephen is working on. This is probably a bug on Google's side. Need to add Kev Needham to get someone at google to look at this.
  • bug 418689: Another Google spreadsheets bug. It's possible that the one above could fix this one. A new tracking bug needs to be created to link the above bug and this one together and specify the cross-platform bug on google's side that needs to be fixed by them.
  • bug 420048: Steven is going to work on this one. Has a test case. Don't yet know what's going on here.
  • bug 420967: We're going to try to land this patch today. This is actually the P1 patch.
  • bug 422827: Stephen is currently working on this. Thinks he has a workaround for it.


  • 15 bugs away from finding 200 leak bugs! Found some issues on mac last week, like hovering over menu bar leaks. Ben Turner is assigned to the native menu leaks. It's gecko DOM leaks and not cocoa leaks.


  • The theme tweaks that landed broke a lot of things in Places. Need to go through those and file bugs.