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  • Update on 1.9.1 Items:
    • Josh:
      • bug 433952 Decom native menu impl: patch is done, waiting for Josh to finish tests
      • bug 435041 NPAPI Cocoa Events: patch is started, waiting for decom work to end before finishing
      • bug 435330 Remove XPCOM plugin API: still not going to work on this for a while? Probably not going to do this for 1.9.1 so putting it off until major 1.9.1 work items are complete.
    • Steven:
      • bugs, including:
        • bug 357670 IME doesn't work in Flash plugin
        • bug 428405 (Keyboard shortcuts sometimes fail) -- writing an automated test, if possible.
      • Simple NPAPI plugin to log events and other browser/plugin interactions bug 441880.