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  • Everything that landed for the beta:
    • Left with 4 P1s: One is ready to land and needs approval (bug 358379). Needs some cleanup but basically works.
    • bug 416455 is the one that needs approval.
    • Two keyboard handling bugs: have a patch up but need to request review
    • Only show modal dialog: If we have one more beta, we'll try to land it.

Josh: Needs to finish the key patch that he's working on (bug 358379, This fixes bug 358379, bug 418226, and bug 417108. It probably fixes bug 411304). By Tuesday of next week, should be able to work on the show modal dialog bug.

Steven: Working on P2s: bug 415794, a Larry UI bug.

  • Catch all cocoa exceptions status: Has been moved from a P1 to a P2. We have to land the wrappers for file IO and XPCOM and external URI handlers. The basic issue in the bug is solved, but there are a few more places that we need to wrap (mentioned above).