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This Page No Longer In Use

Rather than focusing on 1.9.x planning, there's a new General Platform Planning page.

Historical Info

Below are four google docs which were generated during a week of informal discussions to give people a chance to express what they would like to work on for the next 3-6 months. We did this to communicate to each other what we would like to do for 1.9.1/Fx3.1. Since there's no way to allow the entire world to edit these google docs, I'm slowly transferring information into this wiki page. However, people should take a look at the published versions just to get an idea of what people are working on. Contributors who want to add to this list should edit the wikitext of this page to add their items.

Note: This page is not a wish list or a mechanism to request a feature in Gecko. It's a place to indicate which items you are actively working on for a particular release. To request a feature, use bugzilla as usual.

Feature/Tasks Lists by Functional Group:

If you are actively working on an issue that you feel should be on this list as it's a feature to land in 1.9.1, please add your name below. Also, if for some reason you need to edit the spreadsheets above as there's an item listed for you and it's incorrect, I can add you as a collaborator. Just send me email: dsicore at

Name 1.9.0.x Moz2
Johnny Stenback
Jonas Sicking
Peter Van der Beken
Blake Kaplan
Ben Turner DocShell work (bug 436379, bug 372107), Inner window cleanup (bug 424451), Pinch-hit worker threads (bug 437152) Proxy work (bug 434274), [array] reflection, document cloning (?), off-main-thread parsing (?), out-of-process plugins (?)
Stan Shebs
Vladimir Vukicevic
Stuart Parmenter mobile
John Daggett @font-face, font-stretch
Joe Drew imglib: caching, API cleanup, decode-on-draw, <img src="foo.svg">
David Baron bug 436453 selectors (bug 75375, bug 128585, DONE), acid3 analysis (bug acid3), media queries (bug 156716), border-image (bug 378217), dynamic changes of table pseudo-frames (bug 148810), bug 349255 bug 43114, bug 335963, bug 25888, bug 4522, bug 87277, bug 258377, bug 332335 etc. (if not done already),
Robert O'Callahan Some small SVG filter performance improvements Compositor
Boris Zbarsky
Daniel Holbert bug 428111 bug 380573 (pointer-events), bug 216462 (SMIL)
Karl Tomlinson SVG fonts
Matthew Gregan Quicktime backend for <video>/<audio> bug 435298
Igor Bukanov
Brian Crowder
Graydon Hoare
Jason Orendorff ActionMonkey
Taras Glek
Dave Mandelin Strip obsolete OOM code (bug 427115) Treehydra (bug 423898)/ Moz2 Analyses (bug 430328)/ "Tracehydra": auto xlate SM C cases to Tamarin IL
Benjamin Smedberg bug XPCOMGC
Jim Blandy Update TT MMgc (bug 409021); replace TC with TT in SpiderMonkey (bug 425818); make SM use TT strings (bug 431908); implement SM string optimizations in TT (bug 427154,bug 427959,bug 411163); land SM stand-alone build (bug 97954)
Josh Aas Native menu decom (bug 433952), NPAPI Event Models (bug 435041) Remove XPCOM plugin API (bug 435330)
Stephen Michaud
Simon Montagu Update Unicode support to version 5.1 (bug 427350), first-letter bugs, CSS text features: word-wrap (bug 99457) Support RFC 4646 (bug 356038, CSS text features: internationalized justification, hanging punctuation
Robert Sayre
Ted Mielczarek Breakpad cleanup that missed 1.9--bug 378528, bug 379290, bug 406088, Mercurial in MozillaBuild--bug 394044 Build system work--configure rewrite bug 389393, precompiled headers bug 347592
Dave Camp
Chris Pearce DirectShow backend for <video>/<audio> bug 435339 Editor refactoring
Chris Double <video>/<audio> bug 382267 bug 422538 bug 422540
Zachary Weinberg CSS fixes, e.g. bug 915, bug 19963, bug 25888, bug 50630, bug 87277, bug 132035, bug 311616, bug 325064, bug 326624, bug 363249, bug 363250, bug 363706, bug 371323, bug 403524, bug 403526, bug 428599, bug 431341, bug 432714, plus test development (generating more bugs to be fixed).
Possibly some Acid3 JS work, e.g. bug 132824
CSS3 calc/cycle/attr: bug 332335, bug 363249, bug 363250, bug 435426, see also bug 12460
CSS Transitions (webkit): bug 435441
CSS Animation (webkit): bug 435442
Better scroll position restoration: bug 43114, bug 103729, etc
Gfx glue layer removal: at least bug 430825; tracker bug 430829
Olli Pettay Maybe few ACID3 bugs. Event redispatch bug 412567, DOMRange bug 302775 and bug 366944 and could even *try* to make parent link a strong ref bug 335998 nsEvent/nsDOMEvent split, session history (SHEntry etc.) fixes, obsolete event listener interfaces removal
Gabriele Best (Mrtb) text-shadow bug 10713, @font-face bug 70132, :nth-*() pseudo-classes bug 75375, SVG (SMIL) Animation bug 216462, <video>/<audio>