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Meeting notes for any discussions pertaining to overall WebRender priorities and planning

April 6 2020

Attendees: jrmuizel, jbonisteel, gw

Blockers for future targets:


  • Intel gen 7.5, 7
    • YouTube Scrolling issue
    • Once texture allocation work lands, we should be in good enough shape to at least enable in Nightly again
    • Then we can see if any other fallout bugs happen and we can also start looking at newer, lower end Intel
  • Nvidia medium and large screen laptops
    • If no directcomp, partial present would be nice. Nothing else should be blocking that right now, we will double check
    • Could be a potential target for 77 or 78
  • DirectComp
    • Change to not call hardware stretching api?
      • JM to confirm a bit more what to do here.

Other Platforms

  • Mac - Core Animation
    • JB to confirm what plan is there
  • Win 7