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Accepted, ready for implementation. Assigned NPAPI version 22.

Problem Summary

Plugins should be able to participate in a browser's private mode, not saving various pieces of history and state.


NPAPI Private Mode Support

  • Last modified: January 17, 2009
  • Author: Josh Aas, Mozilla Corporation
  • Contributors: Ian Melven (Adobe), Rudi Sherry (Adobe), Deneb Mateka (Adobe), Anders Carlsson (Apple), John Abd-El-Malek (Chromium)

Plugins should assume that private mode is off by default.

When the browser turns private mode on or off it will call NPP_SetValue for "NPNVprivateModeBool" (assigned enum value 18) with a pointer to an NPBool value on all applicable instances. Plugins should check the boolean value pointed to, not the pointer itself. The value will be true when private mode is on.

Plugins can query the browser for private mode state by calling NPN_GetValue for the variable "NPNVprivateModeBool". The value parameter should be a pointer to an NPBool. This allows instances to know about private mode state before opening any streams.

Changes in private mode affect new streams only - not previously created streams.