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Welcome to the PluotSorbet project!

PluotSorbet is a J2ME-compatible virtual machine written in JavaScript[1]. The goal of PluotSorbet is to run MIDlets in web apps without a native plugin.

We keep PluotSorbet simple and small by leveraging existing Java code as much as possible, including the phoneME reference implementation, and implement as little as possible in JavaScript.

You can run PluotSorbet in your desktop browser (we develop with Firefox and Chrome), in the SpiderMonkey command-line tool, in the Firefox OS Simulator, or on a Firefox OS device.

Source Code

You can find all the source code for PluotSorbet, plus detailed instructions on how to build and run it, at:

Bug Reporting

Please report bugs at our GitHub repository.

Automated Testing

We run automated tests based on CasperJS and SlimerJS on every commit to our GitHub repository, thanks to Travis. You can run them locally with `make test`.

Performance Profiling

We're using several different tools to assess and improve the performance of PluotSorbet, including both JavaScript and Java profiling. See the GitHub README for more details.


We've created an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler to compile some Java code at build time.

Contact Us

Chat with us in the #pluotsorbet channel on Mozilla's IRC network (

[1] JavaScript is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries, used under license.