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What is Pocket?

We’re on a mission to empower people to consume high-quality content that is worthy of their time and attention. Read more here: The Internet Needs a Save Button.

We’re excited to be joining Mozilla! Read the letter from Nate our CEO, to our users in February 2017 about the acquisition.

Where can I test Pocket builds and give feedback?

Pocket works on pretty much every major device and platform.

If you don’t have one already, sign up for an account.

The best part of Pocket is that you can save and view your items from any app or device. You’ll want to install Pocket on the platforms you use:

Join our Beta Channel!

You can get pre-release versions of our Android and iOS apps by joining the Beta channels:

Where to send feedback

Who are the Pocketeers?

Pocket is based in San Francisco and brought to you by Nate, Matt, Max, Jonathan, Justin, Kenny, Kait, Tushar, Diego, Olivia, Todd, Jesh, Larry, Joel, Hugo, Audie, Kirill, Gaurang, Mathijs, Nik, Jamie, Marcin and Jen.