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As we prepare to launch Popcorn Maker at the Mozilla Festival, we are asking for help from our community - we need Quality Assurance testers to help us run our app through the paces.

Got 5 minutes?

You'll find a link to the Google Doc below - pick one or two of the tasks listed there and report your findings.

Got 20 minutes ?

Complete as many of these tasks as you're able, but don't forget to click Submit before you leave!

Want to help out more deeply?

If you're a developer, or just want to leave more detailed feedback, you can create an account on our issue tracker - you can also download the source on GitHub

The Form

Click here to open the form:

You'll need to keep one tab open for Popcorn Maker, and another open for these tests.

If you have any questions while working, you can find us in IRC at #popcorn - or you can join our discussion list at

Thank you for your help!

The Popcorn Team