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What is Warpzilla?

The Mozilla project maintains choice and innovation on the Internet by developing the acclaimed, open source, Firefox web browser, and related products and technology. Warpzilla is the OS/2 port of these products, designed to run on both OS/2® and eComStation.

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Current installation instructions and system requirements

All of the products currently listed at the top of this page require C runtime DLLs that are not included in the product downloads, either libc051 or libc06x. The need for the latter began with the March 22, 2006 nightly 1.8 branch and trunk builds. The earlier remains required for various older release builds. Please consult the respective READMEs or news items above to determine the correct version for any particular build. To make things simpler, place all of them together somewhere in the LIBPATH. Otherwise, place them in the same directory as the product's exe file. The installer will not install the C runtime DLLs for you, but does require them in order to run.

  • Minimum Requirements for all Mozilla products:
    • P6 class CPU with SSE instruction support
    • 256 MiB RAM
    • 128 MiB free swap space
    • 48 MiB free harddisk space for installation plus storage space for disk cache and mail
    • OS/2 Warp 4 (Merlin Kernel)
    • Fixpack 15 or higher
    • Kernel with build level 14.100 or higher
    • MPTS version 5.3 or higher
    • TCP/IP version 4.1 or higher
    • INETVER: SOCKETS.SYS=5.3007, AFOS2.SYS=5.3001, AFINET.SYS=5.3006 or higher
      • NOTE: Do not attempt to use MPTS & TCP/IP versions below these INETVER levels. Although Mozilla may seem to start and run normally with older stacks, some features Mozilla needs are not implemented correctly in older MPTS versions, which may result in crashes and data loss.
    • Filesystem with native long filename support, e.g. HPFS or JFS
  • Recommended for all Mozilla products:
    • 1 GHz CPU (as in hot-rodding, the faster, the better, and too much is just right)
    • 768 MiB RAM
      • NOTE: Performance and stability increase the more physical RAM is available. Especially for long browsing and IRC sessions 1 GiB of memory is recommended.
    • Fixpack 16
    • Kernel with build level 14.104a or higher
    • MPTS version 5.5 or 6.0
    • TCP/IP version 4.3
    • INETVER: SOCKETS.SYS=6.2004, AFOS2.SYS=6.2000, AFINET.SYS=6.2013


  • OS/2 Warp 4.52 Convenience Pack 2 (subscription)


  • eComStation 1.0 or higher

NOTE: MPTS 6 and FP 16 require a Software Choice subscription, the other OS/2 upgrades are currently free of charge.