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Goal: “Give you more control over the things you care about”


  • Combine add-ons/prefs
  • Add search box to prefs chrome (with synonyms to help transitions)
  • Prioritize important MIME types & protocols (mail, zip)
  • Preferences is still a dedicated window — one of the few (security reasons, etc)
  • Kill off all tiny windows (why does “Search Prefs” have its own little dialog?)
  • Avoid windows launched from prefs panes
  • A lot of stuff should be moved to about:config (turning off autoupdate check, etc)

Sites pref pane

  • “Sites” prefs pane, site-centric control of:
    • Cookies
    • History
    • Zoom/Allow/Block/Encoding (site-specific settings)
    • Passwords
    • Geolocation

Two-pane design with selection/filter on left, information on right:

| [Filter…  ] |            |
| -All Sites- | Passwords  |
|  Site 1     | Cookies    |
|  Site 1     | etc        |
|  Site 1     |            |

  • “All sites” explicitly does not have things like “Cookie Manager” or other global/complex things — only a few common options like “Clear all cookies”
  • We only show the most common sites in the list — if you type things into the filter input, we match on the hidden ones too. If your goal is to get rid of stuff, the Privacy pane is where you should be doing that — not here. Showing all the sites here would be confusing.