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Prism allows for some client-side web application styling. The web application bundle is allowed to hold a CSS file named webapp.css (called the webapp style). This file will be loaded into the web application content stylesheet and can override the web application's native styles.

Simply add the webapp.css to the bundle and it will be injected into the web application, regardless of the platform or OS.

It is also possible to create platform-specific styles. In this scenario, the CSS file is specific to an OS. This allows Prism webapps to take on an OS-specific look. To use platform-specific styles, create a folder in the bundle archive for each supported OS and place a webapp.css file in the folder. The folder names MUST match the following:

  • Windows - winnt
  • Mac OS X - darwin
  • Linux - linux

The folder names are pulled from Mozilla and are the same as those used in other Mozilla projects, such as extension and XUL applications.

NOTE: you can also include a root level webapp.css which will be used if a platform-specific version is not found.