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Tor Uplift Project

Tor Browser is a privacy-enhancing web browser based on Firefox, with more than a million users.

At the Tor Project, the Tor Browser team maintain and develop several dozen patches to Firefox that provide Tor Browser users with extra protections for their privacy and security. These patches, among other things, provide protection against cross-site tracking (by a measure known as First Party Isolation), fingerprinting resistance, avoidance of storing private data on disk, and of course a connection to the Tor network. Tor Browser is based on Firefox ESR; as Mozilla releases each new ESR version, the Tor Browser team needs to rebase their Tor Browser patches, which involves painstakingly adapting them to the new codebase.

The intention of Tor Uplift project is to land all Tor Browser patches so that Tor can directly use Firefox main trunk instead of a fork.

Project Wiki and Dashboards

Main Contributors

  • Tom Ritter (Tech Lead)
  • Ethan Tseng (Engineering Manager)
  • Chung-Sheng Fu (Engineer)
  • Jonathan Hao (Engineer)
  • Tim Huang (Engineer)

Communication Channel

  • IRC: #tor
  • Mailing list:
  • IRC at Tor Project:
    • Channel: #tor, #tor-dev, #tor-project

Tor Repositories